Finding life in my bigger body


I'm back and writin' bebe, but this time things are lookin' a little different! I've spent the last couple years learning, finding balance in my life, challenging myself, and testing the bounds of who I am, and I have some things to say.

As someone who has lived most of her life in a bigger body, I've also spent most of my life trying to lose weight (sometimes successful, and sometimes not, but never without an incredible amount of energy and anguish). The last year has brought me more peace with myself and my body, and has made me realize that I can break free of the constraints that have been imposed on me. In my big body, I can be strong! I can be beautiful! I can be healthy, badass, a hard worker, an athlete, smart, funny, stylish, messy, crass, joyful. But I can be vulnerable and deal with my own shit too, because hello... I'm also human. 

The people in my life have watched me go through this journey over the last couple years, and it feels gooood. But I realized I have a lot to talk about! As a large woman in fitness spaces, as a beauty- and fashion-loving woman with restricted options, as a woman who has struggled with mental health, and as a proponent for social justice issues. It's important for bigger women to have visibility and a voice, and it's about time I stand up and use mine.

So hey! Let's get this thing started.